The Middle Times

THE MIDDLE TIMES is a blog I really love having created and shall enjoy nurturing it even more now,  so it can grow and I can share my wisdom from what I’ve learned and learn from your wisdom shared with me…. the beginning of a conversation; a dialogue; a connection.  It’s the Wisdom of a recipe; the Wisdom of writing; the Wisdom of growing things; the wisdom of geekdom.

It’s about practical things – a sharing of the reality of What Is – not what it should be (should have been,) could be (could have been,) would be, ought to be, if only ‘they’ had done what ‘we’ said/thought/knew/believed.  We all bring to this discussion a wide array of thought and feeling. Deconstruction is a critical piece in getting to sharing, for real, our very own cultural inside space, in order to co-create.  Deconstruction is looking at what was, and how it was spun to be what it looks like now.  We can have a grand time being part of/sharing this dialogue, yep.

It’s about spiritual things – a sharing of a wide array of beliefs from which we hope to utilize what works and leave aside what doesn’t, all the while savoring what it was about those beliefs that gave you the passion for it in the first place.  We are always evolving; because Fuente/Source/God/Life – evolves.  Everything is one thing.

Todos somos Uno.  We are all One.

It’s about co-creating – an essential for the the journey through these Middle Times.  There are myriad forces, meeting us in this Moment of Now, that are convergent in a way that may never have occurred before.  I see this time where, as spirit in human expression, our awareness and discernment at peak operating reality, is a level we might plan to exist on always and in all ways possible for co-creating, with moments of rest and renewal as part of that peak operating reality.

This is, indeed, a new day, and we are co-creating it as surely as we are co-creating a new way through the Middle Times into that next Moment of Now:  a new day.

So gather – hang out – here, and everywhere, to consider the REAL issues of these Moments of Now, in order to move into new dimensions and to new levels.  Reality speaks to us of challenging times; bringing us the opportunity to reach out; to take the hand reaching out; to learn skills; to share those skills in a how-to way that empowers another of us.

When is Now; Who is Us; now up on the floor, my friends; The journey is, indeed, The Dance.



We are the co-creators... the writers of a new Cultural Story.


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