Sunday night and updating

Right on to Occupy Wall Street, October2011, OccupyTogether, Global Oneness Day, and all the events that help in any way, little or grand, to stand up together and say, We are All One, Todos Somos Uno y es tiempo and it’s time – Ahora Now we are saying and singing out loud.  No more Greed; no more profit-at-any-cost; look into our eyes and see your Self and the God/Life of your understanding.  Reach out your hand.  There are many to extend theirs as well.

Walt Whitman extended his hand. His Song of Self is rockin’ – and I may post a bit of it soon.  For this evening, letting you know that on The Middle Times, I’ll be posting information, essays and who knows what, about being in these middle times; see what they are; moving through them as we build and be a bridge into a new way and a new day.


On Organic Gmama’s Cafe, I’ll be posting a lot about food and water, so keep an eye open for that.  Knowing what’s in our food – and being allowed to know – is critical to our health and well-being, short-term and long-term.

On WordSpirit, I’ll be finishing up the site, whilst I complete the space where translators, linguists, language teachers, interpreters, lovers of words, story-tellers, shamans, shanaches, and more, can inhabit as a home space, a base or network from which to work, serve, assist, or share a story.  WordSpiritComNet is a hub of conscious commerce people, where companies and individuals can come and find many of the services their business needs can be handled within the WordSpirit Communications Network - with a specialty in executive level client relations and retention; complaint resolution; new hire and re-charge training; with all packages customized and available in multilingual format, with 24 hour availability, an introductory conversation is quite a workable step to take.


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