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 is a special place for me.

There are three topics (and as you know, everything is interconnected and interdependent):  Food, Air, and Water.

Food:  There is so much in our food unknown to us.  In the network’s THE MIDDLE TIMES blog, moving through these times to a new day, being/doing a new way, we talk about knowing what is; for if we don’t know what is REAL, then we can not acknowledge and understand What Is, so we can address it.

So, there are so many positives interwoven into the stories of food, air, and water.  There are myriad challenges as well.  Dis-ease comes from what we breathe, drink, and eat and its attendant issues.  Pure food, simply grown (as organic as possible to avoid poisons), lovingly and healthily prepared and shared is what we’re talking about.  How-do-we-address? How-to-recognize? How much/little do we know about our food and its path from pre-planting or creation, through the process, and to our tables?  There are attendant issues to Food (e. g. topsoil depletion: why, how, solutions?)  Share your wisdom in this area with us and we’ll share back ours.  Interested in being authoring a post or two?

Water:  These three life-enabling topics are all critical.  With no topsoil, or topsoil that is dead, We the Humans are in deep padoodah poop.  With bad air, our human systems will become dis-eased and, with illness, our lives are shortened and the quality is lessened.  But with water, it’s more than that.  Do you know how many days you are able to survive without water?  Let’s talk.

Let’s have a dialogue about clean/dirty water; have one about turning sewage waste water into drinking water; look across the planet and see where and how fresh water resources are being used and/or depleted and polluted.  Then We the Humans know What Is, and we can acknowledge that, and work to change it (unless you enjoy it the way it is); co-creating something that works for all of us.

Todos somos Uno.  We are all One.

Air:  no trees, no oxygen, no Life.  That’s numero uno.  Let’s talk about What Is, with trees, rain forests, and get to know where air is exchanged and what we’re looking at in the way of how our air is poisoned.  We ask why? Once we see What Is, then We the Humans have acknowledged that this is something that is happening. We see solutions from sharing our own wisdom in words and with ideas that we can understand.

Unnecessarily cumbersome, complex, pompous, obtuse, superfluous, concealing, euphemistic words and phrases; pseudo-explanations, you name it – those are not only not necessary, but not sought.  Whatever word, phrase, or sentence contains the most clarity; contains the words with the least energy or ideology or judgment or anything that serves to help us co-create a path through THE MIDDLE TIMES into a new way and new day… that’s the kind of dialogue, conversation, yes, that actively moves us.

an organic seed, sustained topsoil, and a loving hand - healthy food

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