Creating a new home…

I’m in the process of moving back – to a new home. Yep.  It’s a home I’ve been ‘trying’ to create for a long time, and for reasons that both worked and didn’t work in other areas, I put it aside.  From volunteering for seven years with a non-profit organization based on the books written by Neale Donald Walsch (which was a great ride, until the Universe told me it was time to move on, and I didn’t listen) to a fantastic Facebook page with 3,000 totally cool (virtually all :-) people on it from around the planet, that I still love, but know (this time) that it’s time to change direction toward ‘home’ once again.  I’m hopeful that many of the folks I called ‘virtual friends’ will move over to my new Facebook page for WordSpiritComNet.

Focus is truly critical. I love to learn and I love talking with and sharing with people – learning from them. I’ve learned a great deal along this path, and I’m grateful to all.  Now it’s time to turn around and share it all, and hope to learn even more. 

One of my very best friends (a sister), and my son both, in the past week, have talked about how negative Facebook and specifically politics, can become; and by extension, myself as I share.  It’s difficult to not be with so much of what is going on in our world; and when it’s spun to suit a few, rather than the Whole, it can become disheartening. 

I am hopeful; and grateful; to Lynn and to Chris.  Thank you. I love you both.  So here we go:  on a path to new dimensions…to sharing awareness…to co-creating; practical spirituality and practical on-the-ground steps and discussion for moving through the Paradigm Shift, as the Old Illusion of Separateness, Hierarchy, Difference, Less, and all the things we know that no longer serve us…

We are co-creating the space into which Oneness Consciousness dances. So, up on the floor, my friends, and let’s rock.

The Journey is, indeed, the Dance.

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